5 Things to do Today to Become a Better Manager

As a manager, you wear many hats. In fact, you wear ten hats if you ask Henry Mintzberg. However, today’s post talks about you and your team in terms of how you manage them. It’s a humongous topic! So, I’ve tried my best to condense it down to just 5 tips that should help you to become a better manager starting from today. Let’s get started.

1. Focus on your relationships

Your relationships with your team are so important! They work for you and everything they do is for you. If you have a great working relationship with your team, they are likely to work harder for you and help you achieve better results. Do you agree? If you have poor working relationships with them, well, as you can imagine, they’ll work less, and the quality of work may be poor. So, if you’re looking to build your relationships with your team, I’ve listed a few tips below:

  1. Listen to everyone in your team – they have a voice.
  2. Recognise their emotions and respond accordingly – work on your Emotional Intelligence.
  3. Praise them for work your pleased with and talk with them quietly when it’s not done the way you wanted to give them another chance.
  4. Be their leader.

These should help you get started building better working relationships with your team. Let us know how you get on via social media; we would love to hear!

2. Empower your team to solve problems

Most people like to solve problems. A good manager will train their team to solve problems; they give them freedom and responsibility. A bad manager will often own their team’s problems because their team is unable to solve it. But, now the manager must solve it. If all your team’s problems come to your attention, you should ask yourself “can my team solve them?”, even if they need guidance along the way. And if the answer is “yes”, then start training them to solve problems as a team.

3. Understand what motivates your team

Everyone is motivated differently, and everyone can be motivated. But, you need to find out exactly what motivates each one. Once you’ve found that, you’ll have a motivated team working towards your goals and ultimately the vision.

4. Learn to delegate

The “Super You” needs support from time to time. Your team is there to support you. Learning to delegate will prevent you from stress and work overload. If you think about it, you’ll be able to churn out more finished work as your team is helping you. Your team will develop their knowledge and skills, which is good, right?

5. Go on a Team Management Training Course

I hope this blog has been useful for you and you’re able to start doing these if you don’t already. But, as always, there’s only so much I can write in a blog. So, if you’re looking to better yourself as a manager and a leader further, you should join other managers in our leadership and team management training course.


Written by Nick on Tuesday 17th April 2018.