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SEK Training works with companies like yours to design, develop, and deliver bespoke courses that meet the needs of your organisation, to bridge the gap between the skills your team already have and the skills you need. 

Our 30-years of experience allows us to create custom-made management,  leadership, and personal development courses, that help you to achieve your business goals.

Working with SEK Training is unique because we are passionate about providing exceptional product and service quality. We’re already excited to hear your training requirements.

Invaluable Resource

Uniquely developed to fit the requirements and structure of your business is an invaluable resource for your employees.

Cost Efficient

Saves you money that otherwise would be spent on travel and accommodation, not to mention the time and effort of DIY.


You don’t have to worry how relevant the content of a course is when it’s bespoke because it’s tailored to your staff.

Case Study

Since 2005, the Santé Verte Laboratories have been producing dietary supplements and natural cosmetics from plants, vitamins, minerals, which meet the demand for natural treatments.

Santé Verte Laboratories is a branch of Natural Distribution, the first supplier in dietary supplements in France.

The innovative company approached us in search for a project management course. We took on board their requirements and worked closely with the HR Manager, Alexandra Sim, to design, develop and deliver a bespoke project management course. We were pleased to see Alexandra’s review shortly after delivering the training:

Excellent project management course tailored specifically for our company, in-house, and all delegates enjoyed the trainer and thought the content matched their expectations. SEK Training was helpful and informative along the whole process.

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