Excel Plus

This practical course is a continuation of Microsoft Excel Training. Take your spreadsheet knowledge and skills to the next level. Tackle advanced formulas such as IF statements and learn how to create spreadsheets to manage budgets and invoices. All laptops are provided.

Excel offers a huge variation of formula and functions, many of which solve the problems you might be facing, so we have designed this session to help you overcome those difficult data challenges. The training is hands-on, offering you the chance to learn how to get Excel to carry out tasks for you, and also offers detailed instructions on how to present data in a user-friendly way so you can share the information you need to. This is a masterclass in Microsoft Excel.

We highly recommend that you undertake our Excel training first, before attending Excel Plus, as this session has been developed as a sequel course offering a greater and broader range of knowledge and skill that builds upon what you will have already learnt. You will create spreadsheets, work across multiple sheets, and create theoretical ‘what if?’ analyses of the data you will be working with, then you will be able to keep the file you create.

Our Excel Trainers are expert IT professionals with data and information management backgrounds. Their real-life experience from relatable situations, combined with extensive knowledge of the workings of the program, mean that they can teach you how to master Excel in a way that makes sense when related to the work you do. They will help you take charge of Excel.


16 Mar 2020


1:30 pm - 4:30 pm




Folkestone, Kent, UK
Folkestone, Kent, UK
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