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Age Friendly Business

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Open Course: £65
In-house Course: £279


Would you like to find out how your organisation or business can become age-friendly?

With an aging population becoming age-friendly means that your business is committed to making small changes (and some big changes if needed) to make everyone feel more welcome in your premises. Understanding the issues that face us as we age will also promote a more connected and accepting community for us all to live in.

Full Details

• The aims of this course are to provide an understanding of what is meant by the term ‘Age Friendly’.

• The benefits of being Age Friendly and how your organisation can take their first steps towards considering the needs of older people.

• Recognising the challenges for older people accessing your organisation and the potential barriers.

There is also an opportunity for delegates who wish to and who are fit enough, to wear an ‘Age Simulation Suit’ to get a better understanding of how it can feel for the older population. There is a weighted tabard bodysuit, various splints for all joints & different vision goggles and earphones. Which, simulate what it feels like to be elderly and gives participants a real understanding of the challenges faced by our ageing population

Please be aware that the course covers topics that you may find upsetting. If you would like more information about the content of the course, please let us know in advance.

Course Dates

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