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Attachment, Separation and Loss

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This course explores the importance and impact of attachment, separation and loss on children and young people who are fostered or adopted. It provides a working theoretical framework and connects this to the behaviours that children may exhibit. It considers how to make use of this information in direct life story work with children and young people. In doing so it develops skills and abilities that actively values and promotes children's self worth and identity.


  • Develop an understanding of the importance and impact on children and young people of attachment, separation and loss.
  • Develop an understanding of theoretical models that allows carers to make sense of behaviour and plan strategies and interventions.
  • To have explored the usefulness of life story book work and developed the skills and abilities, both practical and theoretical, in this area. Be able to make connections between the past and present, and create positive potential for the future.
  • For carers to develop and understanding that they are a powerful potential resource in developing a child's self esteem and identity and to have developing skills and abilities in this area.


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