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Autism Awareness

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Knowing the positive and negative impacts that communication can have on those with autism is vital to providing the best care. Protect your organisation and your service users by ensuring employees know how to communicate effectively. learn to recognise the strengths and challenges experienced by many autistic people and how to respond to create enabling environments.

This awareness course is intended for Health & Social Care staff working with service users with Autism. It is an interactive course designed to get staff thinking about why their service users interact in particular ways and how to support them moving forward.

Course Syllabus 

  • Explore the spectrum of autism
  • Identify the different types of ‘typical behaviours’ associated with autism
  • Describe the impact that autism can have on an individual
  • Discuss the difference between behaviours and communication
  • Explore a range of interventions and ways in which to support individuals

Course Dates

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