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CPD Understanding Self Management

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1£125 - *Can be fully funded by the WDF1 Day


Endorsed by Skills for Care *Modules are eligible for £125 Workforce Development Fund grant, subject to eligibility

Understanding Self-management Skills is a practical continuing professional development (CPD) module aimed at registered managers and other managers currently working in adult social care services. 

This CPD module will help managers to tackle isolation, manage time, build resilience and ensure wellbeing.

It will look at techniques and tools which can support managers to self-manage and understand when and how behaviours can influence and impact on others.

Unlike undertaking formal qualifications, which can often feel like a solitary process, this CPD module connects managers with their peers. Managers will understand how successful behaviours and practical strategies can support them in their day-to-day work. They’ll be challenged to put these into practice, boosting their capacity to lead and manage effectively.

The module includes an emphasis on reflection, helping managers to learn from their day-today experiences and think about how they can do things differently or get better at recognising what they do well.

The programme is delivered through one interactive module covering the objectives below:

  • Awareness of the impact of your own beliefs and values
  • Understanding self-management, self-awareness and confidence
  • Understanding integrity and how actions & words influence others
  • Awareness of cultures that foster resilience
  • Understanding emotional intelligence
  • How to deal with pressure and stress using well-being strategies including delegation
  • Awareness of time management, techniques and tools


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