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Customer Service Skills

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Our Customer Service Course is designed for anyone who works in customer service with internal and external customers. We will work with them to improve their face-to-face customer service and telephone and email skills, to ensure each customer has the best possible experience every time they make contact.

We believe whether you operate face-to-face, over the phone or via e-mail you should strive to give your customers a competent professional response every time. When your customers have a great experience it helps build and maintain good customer relationships increasing business success. 

This course aims to provide those who work in the customer service industry with the information and skills needed to go above and beyond providing the very best service and being a great advert for people to do business with you.

What this course covers: 

  • What is Customer Service
  • Identifying Customer Needs and Identifying Expectations
  • Dealing with Queries & Complaints
  • Putting the Customer First
  • Telephone technique
  • Responding by email
  • Face-to-Face

Course Dates

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Mon 20th May 2024Margate, Kent (13:30 - 16:30)9 placesBook Now