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Defibrillator Practical Workshop

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This practical session is an ideal follow up to our accredited First Aid courses.  It is a hands on workshop which allows your staff to practice using the defibrillator in your own setting. It gives you an opportunity to experience a "real life" scenario where you can review your emergency polices and procedures, raising questions such as; Do all staff know where the Defibrillator is within your setting? Is it kept in the right place, with the right people? Do staff know exactly what to do in this type of emergency? If in a educational setting, do you need a code word? The practical steps when dealing with an emergency which requires the Defibrillator etc. 

Course Syllabus;

  • Reminder of CPR practice and use of AED (Automated external defibrillator)
  • Identify and review policy/protocol for access of AED 
  • Procedure to be followed in the event of SCA (Sudden Cardiac Arrest)/use of AED
  • Examining your own AED (as it is different from the training ones) so staff will not be surprised in an emergency
  • Practical "real life" session; Clothed manakin, actual walk through from emergency, collecting your real AED and then using training AED along with CPR

Customer experience;

This course was created early in 2022. So far we have run this practical session in care and educational settings. Following the course, customers have changed the location of the AED, rewritten their AED policy and included AED in their induction training. 

Course Dates

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