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Digital Ambassador - Content Delivery

Maximum Delegates:

Course Duration:
1/2 day

Open Course: £89 per person
In-house Course: £329 (£299 up to 6)


A one-day Train the Trainer course (split into two 3 hour sessions) incorporating the IT masterclass targeted at people who struggle with using a computer or who have no IT knowledge, covering all aspects of digital skills and IT use including word processing and internet.

Part 2 focuses on the digital skills content.

Laptops can be provided, though learners are welcome to use their personal or company devices for certain aspects.

The second session of this course includes training concepts and lesson ideas such as keyboard familiarity, use of Microsoft Office programs such as Word, internet access, troubleshooting common problems, virus security, digital communication through email, online transactions, safety and security on the internet, and how to find help.

The main focus of the course is to support trainers improve confidence levels of learners and to encourage critical thinking, empowering learners to overcome obstacles.

Course Dates

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