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Emotional Intelligence and Personal Resilience

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Are you looking for a personal-development course to help you strengthen your resilience, adopt healthy coping mechanisms and improve your performance with your team at work? 

Simply book our ‘Emotional Intelligence and Personal Resilience’ course to start to learn how to improve your mindset and become mentally stronger at work. Learn practical strategies which you can implement to strengthen, adapt & develop your mindset into a more positive one.

Life at work can be challenging, however, by learning how to manage and cope with your emotions you and your team will grow stronger, more powerful, and strengthen your resilience together, creating a better environment for the whole team.

Through this course delegates will:

  • Be aware of their emotions and the impact these emotions have on their performance
  • Be able to recognise the emotions of others and adapt their behaviour accordingly
  • Be able to regulate their emotions to enhance performance

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Course Dates

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Fri 2nd Aug 2024Folkestone, Kent (10:00 - 16:00)8 placesBook Now