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Infection, Prevention and Control

Maximum Delegates:

Course Duration:

Open Course: £95 per person
In-house Course: £339 (£309 up to 6)


This course gives delegates practical advice to use within their roles and the skills to minimise the risk of infection. Delegates also learn about the role of hazardous materials in the spreading of germs and by the end of the course, can safely use, store and dispose of it.

This course will raise the awareness of Infection, Prevention and Control and promote safe practice in the workplace. Delegates will be able to identify effective methods of infection control, understand how infection is spread, recognise the need for good personal hygiene, and the consequences of poor infection control practice.

Delegates will be able to list the actions to be taken in relation to the infection control requirements within their workplace.

  • Activity regarding contact
  • Cleaning and chemicals
  • Activity – poor infection control
  • Infectious organisms
  • Fungi, virus, bacteria activity
  • Bacterial growth conditions
  • Parasites activity

Course Dates

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Thu 1st Sep 2022Folkestone, Kent 1330 to163010 placesBook Now
Sat 17th Dec 2022 to Wed 7th Dec 2022Margate, Kent 0930 to123010 placesBook Now