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Infection, Prevention and Control CHAMPION

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Our training course has been created to support staff who have been identified as workplace infection control champions, not only with the knowledge of infection control and prevention best practices but with the skills to roll out new measures and procedures to the team.

This course gives delegates practical advice to use within their roles and the skills to minimise the risk of infection. Delegates also learn about the role of hazardous materials in the spreading of germs and by the end of the course, can safely use, store and dispose of them.

You will gain not only the knowledge of infection control and prevention best practice but also the skills to roll out new measures and procedures to your colleagues and team ensuring understanding and compliance in minimising infection risks in the workplace. 

Infection, prevention and control is now more important than ever. It doesn’t matter where you work, we all need to be careful and to know the right way to do things.

Who should attend?

Those who have a desire to mitigate the risks of infection and can lead, influence, and coach their colleagues.

Course Syllabus

  • The national picture and your responsibilities 
  • What we have learnt from COVID-19
  • Definition with examples of good and bad practice
  • Legislation, the chain of infection and how transmission occurs 
  • Skills to upskill your workforce, empower your team and implement your teachings within the workplace 
  • Tips to implement a consistent approach to infection, prevention and control

Course Dates

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