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Physical Intervention & Breakaway Techniques

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This course equips individuals with the necessary knowledge and practical skills required to safely and effectively manage physical confrontations and maintain personal safety during challenging situations. It covers essential techniques for physical intervention and breakaway strategies, which can be applied in various settings including understanding the causes, preventing escalation, and using de-escalation techniques to minimize harm. It also includes practical demonstrations of "soft holds" and the impact of physical stance and positioning on their personal safety during an incident.

Our courses are appropriate for people with a wide range of age, weight, height, coordination, physical fitness and aptitude to learn. The techniques used do not rely on physical strength, instead making use of the body's own mechanics, positioning and balance. 

Each participant is required to: 

Undertake their own risk assessment consult with G.P/ others regarding any personal health concerns, discuss any concerns with their Service Manager/Headteacher/Supervisor, notify the trainer of any issues of relevance to your participation in this training, wear suitable clothing and soft footwear, remove any watches, jewellery, body piercings, etc. to ensure your own safety and that of others. Ensuring that fingernails are of a suitable length to minimise injuries to self and others, be prepared to participate fully in the physical techniques as requested or demonstrated by the tutor unless risk assessment dictates otherwise. 

N.B. close physical contact with other participants & instructors is a necessity during the training. There is a strong emphasis given to a code of conduct, courtesy and sensitivity that is respectful to all. It is an expectation that this code shall be maintained and respected by all participants during the training. Course members who act outside of this code will be advised once and then required to sit out and observe. 
Course syllabus:
  • Recognising behaviours
  • Recognising and diffusing aggression
  • Hierarchy of response
  • Tools available to resolve conflict
  • Physical stance and positioning
  • Reasonable Force & Best Practice
  • Personal Safety


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