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Re-entry Anxiety Workshop

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As we all look to return to the "new normal" it is natural to feel anxiety as you look to not only return to work but also meet friends, go shopping or take part in training courses. There’s even a new name for these concerns: Re-Entry Anxiety. For many of us, social isolation can increase our anxiety and make existing mental health conditions worse. Social Enterprise Kent has responded to this by introducing a bespoke programme to support people with this.

Re-entry anxiety “is the fear of the unknown and the loss of this period of safety created by the enforced lockdown into our homes,” Some people will be more predisposed to re-entry anxiety than others. Our course looks at which sources of anxiety is within our control and those that are not.  

This workshop provides learners with the tools to assess their environment and ways to mitigate risk leading to anxiety. The accompanying workbook  allows delegates to make a tailored action plan to address their anxiety about re-entering society.

  • Staying Safe during COVID
  • Planning for Public Transport
  • Managing your news feed
  • Worries: Learning what you can and can't control
  • Understanding how businesses are keeping you safe
  • Tailored Action Planning


“Thanks for organising this workshop which went a long way to reassure me about what is being done to make us safe. The trainer was reassuring that its ok to be anxious and making it very interactive was brilliant as I also got to feel that I am not alone in this. Sharing ideas on how to be safe in an interactive session was also very welcome. It was well worth it.”

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