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Self harm, Ligatures & Suicide

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Self-harm can have a devastating impact on family life, friendships and many other aspects of the everyday norm. The issues that lead to it are not often not spoken about and become almost taboo.

As someone potentially outside of the issue, you may notice the signs that something is not quite right, but feel ill equipped to offer help or know how to even broach the subject.

We can help.

This course is aimed at raising awareness and identifying effective practice when working with someone who self harms. It looks at the types of self harm and possible reasons, along with risk factors and triggers.

Our specialist trainer has years of experience as a Registered Manger for Residential Children’s Homes and Foster Agencies. He now sit on some Foster Panels as an Independent Panel Chair and provide Consultancy and Training for people who work in care from the carers to the managers.

This course is designed to raise awareness and identify effective practice when working with someone who self harms.


  • Introduction to Self-Harm and its impact
  • Types of Self-harm and possible reasons
  • Risk factors for self-harm including ligature risk
  • Triggers to self-harm and possible warning signs
  • Self harm, suicide and mental health
  • Useful assessment and intervention strategies

It looks at the alarming statistics linking self harm and suicide and why incident reporting is so important. Discusses the cycle of self harm and looks at the risk factors for the individual and family.

The course covers how to respond to incidents and the importance of preserving forensic evidence and general Do's and Don'ts, along with mental health awareness.

It briefly touches on other forms of abuse including FGM.


"The course was informative and he is a good trainer, with good knowledge of the subject. pace of course was good as was the content"

Chris, care Home Deputy Manager July 2021

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