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Well Led Programme - Endorsed by Skills for Care

Maximum Delegates:

Course Duration:
4 Days (1 per Week)

Open Course: 500 - can be fully funded
In-house Course:


Well-led is a practical leadership development programme aimed at registered managers and other managers currently working in adult social care services. 

The programme is delivered through four interactive modules covering the objectives below:

  • Develop a clear understanding of what well-led looks like in a care setting
  • Develop a clear understanding of how leadership strategies and techniques can be used to transform services and improve the quality of care
  • Develop the confidence and skills necessary to lead services in an increasingly complex and challenging context
  • Develop clear goals and commitment to improve your personal leadership effectiveness
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    How it helps managers

    Well-led is a national development programme for both new and experienced managers of adult social care services. This learning programme is grounded in the reality of social care delivery and was developed in partnership with managers familiar with the day-to-day challenges of leading a care team. The programme is underpinned by models of leadership that can be practically applied to deliver change and promote best practice. It was designed to enable leaders to deliver care in line with the expectations of a well-led service. Well-led will help individuals to develop their leadership and management potential, gain knowledge and be supported and challenged to put this into practice. It includes an emphasis on reflection, helping individuals to learn from their day-to-day experiences and think about how they can do things differently or get better at recognising what they do well.
    Unlike undertaking formal qualifications, which can often feel like a solitary process, Well-led connects managers with their peers. Learners should leave the programme feeling empowered, confident, connected with others and well-equipped to effectively lead a workforce with the right values to provide high quality person-centred care. We’ve received overwhelming feedback from managers about the difference it can make.

    Course Dates

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    Wed 20th Oct 2021 to Thu 25th Nov 2021Folkestone10 placesBook Now
    Thu 13th Jan 2022 to Thu 3rd Feb 2022Margate10 placesBook Now