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Top 100 UK social enterprises revealed: NatWest SE100 2021 - Social Enterprise Kent made top 100!

20th July 2021

We are thrilled to have made it on this year’s NatWest SE100 Index highlighting the UK’s most outstanding in Social Enterprise. What an honour.

We firmly believe in the ethos of being a social enterprise. We love knowing that the work our staff and colleagues are committed to doing with the support of grants, funding and the profit from our Training department, really makes a difference to people's lives and the community!

Social Enterprise Kent have many projects, worked on across many different sites in Kent and we are proud to live up to our company statement:

"Improving lives, supporting communities. Every day we deliver a positive social impact, strengthen communities, empower people and improve lives. Guided by our principles as a social enterprise, we are committed to ensuring sustainable outcomes for communities, leaving those we work with, stronger and more resilient."

However, we need your help. Many businesses are committed to thinking about their 'Carbon Footprint' and being greener to save the planet from an environmental perspective.  We want you to also consider your 'Social Footprint'. There are an estimated 100,000 fantastic social enterprises up and down the country. With your help and commitment to #BuySocial where you can, we have the power to change the planet from a social perspective, making lives better for the community and changing the world for the better.

"How can I take this step?" You ask.

It's really simple! For instance when your first aid training needs updating, give us a call and book yourself in! That's it, that's what it takes to #BuySocial. You know that we are Not for Profit Organisation, so any profit made is re-invested into our community projects.  

To find out about the great work we are currently doing click here and have a look at our website, or give us a call and have a chat! 01227 469970